sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

AI: Support International Violence against Women Act

We’re closer than ever. Don’t stop until the violence against women stops.

Urge your members of Congress to support the International Violence Against Women Act.

Dear Friends,

An important bill protecting women’s rights has gained a second wind in Congress. We need your voice now to help it pass.
Today Congress introduced the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA), legislation that will fundamentally address the epidemic of violence against women and girls.
Leaders in the House and the Senate are pushing the bill. There’s growing bi-partisan support.
We have the momentum. Now is the time to act.

End the violence against women. Urge your Senator and Representative to co-sponsor I-VAWA.

I-VAWA supports innovative programs that are proven to reduce acts of violence:

  • Wartime protections - Increased efforts to prevent violence against women during conflict and in humanitarian settings

  • Services for survivors - expand economic and educational opportunities for abused women and reduce their risk for sexual exploitation

  • Justice - legal reform and commitment to finding and prosecuting perpetrators

  • Challenge public attitudes that permit violence

What’s happening to girls and women is devastating and outrageous. We have the opportunity and the obligation as human rights defenders to end the atrocities.
Smash the odds. Give our girls and women a better chance for a safe, productive life.
Move this groundbreaking legislation forward. Ask your Senator and Representative to co-sponsor I-VAWA.
Daphne Jayasinghe
Advocacy Director, Women's Human Rights , Amnesty International USA

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